Why Us

Iscon projects will be managed by our dedicated “Property Management Team“, 24 x7, just to ensure you continue living in an environment of luxury and serenity.

At JP ISCON Group, we build more than homes. We build communities. Over the years, we have been building communities with picturesque settings where luxury meets convenience, and where neighbors become lifelong friends. JP ISCON Group is there – in the smallest finishing details of your home, in the setting that makes home part of your neighborhood, and in the neighborhoods that create your community.

When you choose JP ISCON Group, you are choosing our unwavering commitment to quality and customer service.

A unique advantage in selecting a JP ISCON Group property is the value that the company places on the relationships between builder & buyer. The group has developed a reputation for high quality homes with amenities & features other builders often consider options or upgrades. The flexible home designs, attention to detail and affordable pricing are what make JP ISCON Group a leader in Gujarat residential market.

Iscon Property Management professionals work to assure the long term productivity of our properties. On-site management teams, intensely focused on the needs and opportunities of each market, are supported by headquarter resources in the areas of marketing, communications, sponsorships and operations.